Can snoring be the cause of some really common GI conditions?

Lots of people wonder, can snoring cause reflux or something else similar? Its has been long debated but no one has addressed it directly.

While gastrointestinal issues might not be directly caused by snoring, it has been found that a lot of people that snore have these type of issues.

People who have these issues also tend to suffer from other symptoms like heart palpitations. Some of the more common stuff like waking up with a sore throat was also found to be a link.

But as always correlations is not causation, so there could be a missing link that future medical studies will reveal.

Sleep apnea was also found in many of the people that were experiencing any of the symptoms above. The list just keeps going on for symptoms. Every human being experiencing different related symptoms. Everyone’s body anatomy is very different.

There are lots of people out there who can explain acid reflux a low better than we can. For example this cool clip below does a good job.

Nexium 24HR: What is acid reflux? from Sarah Beth Morgan on Vimeo.

In conclusion, no one knows you body better than you. If you ever notice something that isn’t quite right, it might be work talking to your doctor to see if there is anything you should be worried about.

It also important to treat your health with importance. If you aren’t healthy, nothing else really matters.

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