The food you might be making your snoring worse at night

Most people that have a dangerous medical condition and don’t even know it. They only start doing researching and learning things after they find out.

If you have ever spend any amount of time online learning about medical conditions, procedures and medications you will learn that you will get lost.

The internet has a lot of good information. The internet also has a lot of misinformation. This is so because just about anyone can create an account on a forum and post.

You can go out and research throat conditions like sleep apnea and find out quickly that its not something you can treat on your own.

The more important issue here is not whether you can go out and buy medication or other medical supplies. You have to be formally diagnosed with something by a doctor.

Some issue maybe be related to the foods you eat and you maybe not be aware enough to know it. There has been cases where silent reflux has cause irritation of the throat.

A person though it was just an annoying night time snore but in reality it was because he ate too much spicy foods!

The acid from his stomach was irritating his throat. You can always buy over the counter stuff to resolve your issues.

But the fact of the matter is, only a certain group of people will be able to stop snoring at night with a mouth guard.

There are plenty of other conditions that involve snoring that cant be simply resolved. In the same case as the patient mentioned above, the real issue was that his stomach flap was not closing properly.

This issue was ultimately resolved with surgery. If you are something who feels like they constantly need to clear their throat, you might have reflux.

If you are big into alcohol or wine this could also be a cause as well. Other solutions for issues like these include the use to medication to reduce your stomach acid.

These have been known to cause other side effects so this makes it a less than perfect solution. But in the end it could put an end to that issue.

You can find more answers here in this book we found. Its worth a few dollars but its definitely a good overall guide.

Have you read this ebook? If so let us know what you thought.

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